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Dealing with Asphalt Potholes: Prevention and Repair
Tamar Swan
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Dealing with Asphalt Potholes: Prevention and Repair

The best way to deal with potholes is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are some important steps to preventing potholes:

  • Inspection- watch your pavement for cracks. Identify crack size and the best way to fill them as soon as they appear.
  • Dealing with cracks when they are small is easy, and filling them before rain and freeze/thaw cycles make them bigger is a huge step in keeping cracks from turning into potholes. We recommend PolyFlexDS Black cor crack repair.
  • Watch for depressions and level them out before pooling water breaks down asphalt binders.
  • When asphalt is fading and drying out, be sure to seal-coat to protect the integrity of the asphalt. When the binder is gone, the aggregates and fines will pop out and your cracks will grow exponentially.

When you do have asphalt potholes, the best way to fill them is with FloMix polyurethane repair product. FloMix will provide a quick and long-lasting repair that needs no asphalt prep. Here are the steps to repairing an asphalt pothole with FloMix:

  • Sweep or blow out your pothole, making sure there is no debris or water. If there is moisture, use a torch to dry the asphalt.
  • Mix your materials and apply to damaged asphalt.
  • Apply topping sand and allow polyurethane to set.
  • Sweep off topping sand and open to traffic in about an hour.
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