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How to Improve Your FloMix Asphalt Patch
Tamar Swan
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How to Improve Your FloMix Asphalt Patch

Asphalt is going to age, discolor and break down, whether from traffic, weather or insufficient upkeep. There is no doubt that asphalt will decay if not maintained. Cracks turn into potholes. Potholes are a problem that will only grow larger. Cracks and potholes should be fixed with an asphalt patch.

FloMix is the best choice for a long-lasting asphalt patch. It provides a fast-setting solution with almost no interruption of traffic.

Follow these instructions for the simplest and longest-lasting asphalt patch repair:

  • Always ensure that your asphalt base is solid; FloMix will outlast other asphalt patch repairs but all repair products will fail if there is base failure. The foundation must be stable for long-lasting repair.
  • The damaged asphalt should be clean and dry, but there is no need for saw-cuts, removal or demolition. Dry your repair completely if there is moisture present, using a torch to dry the asphalt if needed.
  • If you anticipate cold weather, make sure you have ordered catalyst to go with your FloMix.
  • Prepare your asphalt patch by placing some of the aggregate into the pothole before flowing material into it. This will also increase your coverage.
  • Shake bottle “a” before pouring it into the bucket. Mix this into sand completely with an egg-beater style mixer and shake bottle “b” thoroughly before adding it to the mix.
  • FloMix is self-leveling so make sure you stay slightly below grade when pouring FloMix so that when you apply topping sand it does not go above grade. Spread sand over the top until it does not look wet.
  • FloMix asphalt repairs should be ready for traffic in under an hour.
  • Just as asphalt eventually turns gray, your FloMix asphalt patch will also lighten in color.

Using Roklin’s FloMix asphalt repair product to repair your driveway, parking lot or road is the fastest, simplest and longest-lasting option available.

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