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Paying More for the Right Product Saves You Money
Tamar Swan
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Paying More for the Right Product Saves You Money

Paying more for the right pavement repair product saves you money in the long run. Often people balk when they first hear the price of FloMix.  It is most often used to repair asphalt potholes and people who regularly fix asphalt know that there are cheap options available for asphalt repair. They probably know it quite well because they buy those products frequently. For an average of about $35 there are 35-50 lb. bags of cold mix asphalt repair material. The important word here is frequently. Cold mix must be placed and replaced. What might look like a $20 repair really is costing you much more than that. For a pothole that has been filled with cold mix six times in two years, that works out to $120, just in materials. Add in fuel and labor and the price goes up significantly. A FloMix repair is always going to last longer than a cold mix repair. For example, a FloMix repair might last two years or longer for only $109 a bucket. Where a cold mix repair lasts 3 months, FloMix might last 3 years. If you factor in labor, lane or parking closures and exposing employees to traffic, that cost and risk of cold mix goes up even further.

We tend to look at the dollar amount when we buy supplies. When you look at the dollar amount and how often you have to pay it, that’s what should make an impact. Roklin has polyurethane repairs that have been down for more than 10 years. We don’t guarantee a long-term product because the application relies so much on the existing base. When pavement fails, it is often because of the sub-base, If the base is bad, anything that is put over it will fail. What we do know is that FloMix lasts a lot longer than other repair materials. Having to fix it once is a lot more affordable than repeatedly.

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