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Roklin's Pavement Repair Frequently Asked Questions
Tamar Swan
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Roklin's Pavement Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Friday FAQ 4

Here is the third in our series of answers to frequently asked questions about Roklin's pavement repair products.For other questions, please contact Brett Barnett at or 877-FLEXSET.

Q: Approximately How Many Feet Will A Concrete Welder Cartridge Seal (The Concrete Is Approximately 4 inches Deep)

A: At a depth of 4 inches and a width of 1/8 inch you would expect 7 feet per cartridge with no sand. Add sand on a 2 to 1 ratio and you will get 14 feet. Add sand on a 3 to 1 ratio and you will get 21feet per Cartridge. We do sell the guns at $60 each and of course if the crack is not the full 4 inches or not the full 1/8 inch wide we would expect better coverage per tube.

Q: I have asphalt meeting up with concrete and I would like to seal the two together. I have water where they meet and the water is getting in-between the two and I am getting a frost heave because the soil is saturated with water. How can I keep the water out? Caulking did not seem to work; it just pulled away from the asphalt.

A: FlexSet or FloMix would seal between the asphalt and concrete. Its ability to expand should seal between the asphalt and concrete. To place the Roklin product the area needs to be free of water, completely dry.

Q: I have a concrete fuel tank and it has a fine crack and fuel is seeping out the tank is full- 33,000 gallons full. Would FlexSet seal this on a vertical wall?

A: No FlexSet will not work on a vertical wall.

Q: Can I use FloMix on a sloping asphalt driveway?

A: If the slope is 2% or less you can use FloMix for your repairs.

Q: How long can I expect the crack filler to last with winter temps often at 15 degrees and summer temps up to 85 degrees?

A: Several things may affect how long crack filler products will last. Among these are heavy truck traffic, rain, temperatures and the age of the highway. Roklin products have been used in the Northeastern United States and have performed well for six to seven years. Concrete Welder and FlexSet work so well because they have bonding qualities and flexibility unlike other repair materials.

Q: Are FloMix repairs affected by hot asphalt overlays?

A: FloMix repairs are NOT affected by hot asphalt overlays. There is no softening and no melting with our products. Asphalt overlays, chip and slurry seals and micro-paving bond to FloMix and FlexSet repairs.

Q: Are FloMix repairs waterproof or chemically-resistant?

A: FloMix (and FlexSet) seals, waterproofs and fuel-proofs asphalt. It is unaffected by dilute acids and bases, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, antifreeze, or lubricating oils and is insoluble in most solvents and chemicals.



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