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Roklin’s Polyurethane Repair Products Are a Green Option
Tamar Swan
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Roklin’s Polyurethane Repair Products Are a Green Option

Polyurethane doesn’t usually come to mind when thinking of safe, environmentally-friendly products but you’d be surprised to find that Roklin’s polyurethane repair products are actually safer for the environment. Asphalt and tar are full toxic and carcinogenic compounds and Roklin’s products do not release toxic vapors, and are inert when fully reacted. The polymer repairs do not erode like asphalt, producing rubble and getting into water run-off. Roklin’s products do not have Volatile Organic Compounds like asphalt, and because there is no removal of damaged concrete or asphalt, Roklin repairs do not contribute to landfills.

According to a Riverside County Community Health Agency Department of Public Health, Office of lndustrial Hygiene report conducted for a Hazmat Manager at Caltrans, Roklin’s products FloMix, FlexSet and Concrete Welder are safe to breathe. “Sample results indicate that airborne MDl levels are well below the levels permitted under CAL-OSHA Standard Title 8, California code of Regulations (CCR) 5155.” The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) urges caution related to human exposure to asphalt. Current NIOSH research indicates that asphalt products are carcinogenic to laboratory animals and, therefore may be more toxic to humans than previously believed.


In mixing Roklin’s polyurethane asphalt and concrete repair products, FloMix, FlexSet, PolyFlexDS and Concrete Welder, an “a” side and a “b” side are combined to form a reaction that becomes solid. This solid polyurethane repair material is completely inert.


Repairs completed with Roklin’s products are not subject to breakdown like asphalt. Asphalt and concrete are not able to withstand water exposure indefinitely. Many factors contribute to asphalt and concrete breakdown. Asphalt will break down into small particles that ultimately end up in water runoff.


“Organic and inorganic contaminants in stormwater runoff can impair receiving water quality and disrupt ecosystem health,” stated a paper entitled “A Review of The Contaminants and Toxicity Associated With Particles in Stormwater Runoff,” prepared for the California Department of Transportation by scientists from University of California, Irvine, University of California, Riverside, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, and University of California, Davis. The paper states that potential contaminants in roadway runoff include suspended solids, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, indicator bacteria and pathogens, and deicing salts.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to vaporize and enter the atmosphere. Because of existence of VOCs in some forms of asphalt, Illinois EPA has regulations for the use of asphalt in the ozone season.  Because of asphalt’s need for sealants, coatings, caulks, or other finishing products, emissions are often higher than that of just asphalt. Polyurethane repairs have no VOCs.

Not only are Roklin’s polyurethane road repair products safe to apply, but also they do not contribute to landfills. Most standard asphalt and concrete repairs require dig-outs of damaged material. Damaged asphalt is sometimes re-used, but most often it ends up in a land-fill. Concrete that has been removed usually ends up in a land-fill. Using Roklin’s FloMix, FlexSet and Concrete Welder completely eliminates the need to remove damaged asphalt and concrete.

Polyurethane products don’t automatically evoke visions of green or eco-friendly solutions but Roklin’s products have proven themselves to be just that.


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